volume 1, issue 1

The City of Greater Sudbury has a rich and vivid literary culture, in both French and English. We have two high-quality literary presses in town: Prise de Parole and Your Scrivener Press. We can lay claim to a Governor-General award-winning poet, a number of prize-winning and well-published writers of poetry and fiction at national and international levels, a past-president of the League of Canadian Poets, and the position of City’s Poet Laureate created by Mayor John Rodriguez and Council.

Now our City and surrounding region has its own literary ezine to celebrate and showcase its distinct literary culture, and to share it with the rest of Ontario, Canada and the world. terra north/nord is a heritage project produced out of the office of the Greater Sudbury Poet Laureate, with the full support of the City and Public Library.

This first issue celebrates the theme “My Sudbury” in poetry. It celebrates what Sudburians know their City to be: a beautiful landscape of over three hundred lakes, at the international forefront of regreening, and enjoyed by hugely warm-hearted northern citizens. Later issues will include both poetry and short fiction on many themes. Submissions are encouraged in either French or English. The aim is to produce terra north/nord quarterly, once it is established. Every few years, a selection of the “best” writing from a number of past issues will be anthologized in a book. To find out how to submit your work, click on the Next Issue tab at the top.

Image: "Tree of Life" by Oryst Sawchuk